Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Breaking News -- Dana White: "Inside Jokes are AWESOME!"

TORONTO – Ultimate Fighting Championships president Dana White flew into town Monday to speak to Torontonians about the hilarity that inside jokes can offer, and the importance of sharing those jokes with others, so they too can share in your fun.
“So, me, Mark and Tommy grabbed lunch at a pizza joint,” White said to the assembled crowd Tuesday. “Tommy asks Mark to pass the parmesan cheese, and Mark? He’s not even paying attention – too fucking busy tying his own shoes!
“I mean, isn’t that just typical fucking Mark?”
White hung around after the speech for a question and answer session with the fans in which he shared such information as what his favorite color was (black) and what Rocky movie he felt was best (Rocky II) with the assembled crowd.
“Well, it is a fight week, so I’m sure you’d all like to talk about that too, so let’s get to it” White said. “I had my standard five-days out breakfast this morning. The eggs were a little runny for my taste, but the bacon was to fucking die for.
“I couldn’t find my matching sock when getting dressed, so I had to pick up some new fucking socks before I could head out. Bit of a headache, honestly.”
White took care to take some customary shots at his competitors before departing.
“Those clowns over at Strikefarce don’t do shit for the fans,” White said. “You think those clown are going to share inside information like this with the fans?”
The Q&A was part of a media push in the days before UFC 111 in Newark, which will conclude with a fighter Q&A session in New York City, in which top UFC fighters share their favorite Dana White moments with fans.

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