Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Welcome to Just Blog Guy

So, this is Just Blog Guy, the only MMA site on the internet named after one of the sport's most important founding figures. That statement may not be accurate, as I didn’t really look for other Just Bleed-inspired sites, so I’m already off to a stellar start as a beacon of journalistic integrity. Speaking of Just Bleed guy, my sincere thanks go to poster MicTheGhost for the excellent line work on the above logo.

As for the blog itself, and what you can expect from it, this won’t be a site earning fame for breaking news stories. Instead, I will seek to look comically at some of the more important stories in the world of Mixed Martial Arts and, on occasion, the world of reporting on Mixed Martial Arts. How well I’ll do that is anybody’s guess. If it inspires a little confidence, I do have a little experience in both writing about MMA, where I’ve run the web site of the phenomenal Miller Brothers of UFC fame, and comedy, where I’ve written for sites like Gameist and Cracked about such manly topics as facebook, video games and musicals. If that sounds like something you might be interested in, I encourage you to hang around.

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